There is a sweet tool on WordPress (my blog host) that allows you to see how people stumble (drunkenly, blindly, willingly?) upon your humble blog. The stats also shows you what country people are viewing you from….so I can know my readership in Denmark has grown to 2 people per annum.

My favorite part is discovering what exactly people are googling that brings them to my mess of a blog.

This week’s favorites:

  • smiling horse  – ironic, because I hate horses
  • how girls work
  • hot british actors – makes sense; this is all i think about
  • dog with snot
  • best friend tattoo ideas
  • moonshiner – yup.
  • peeing in pools – um…
  • can you pee on a chicken bus in central america? – I can’t make this stuff up!
  • bumps caused by hedgehogs – this one boggles the mind
  • what’s pager code for “i miss you” – YES! other people remember pager code!
  • what would Simba look like as a human? – this is awesome.
  • girls who like food – this one I just find cruel

besides “how girls work,” I guarantee you I have never discussed any of these phrases. And yet, it feels good (I guess?) to know that I am helping people solve whatever mystery they are solving when they ask google these questions.

Have you ever looked at your own google history? Or just typed in two words and seen what comes up as most popular? It’s fascinating. Here are my recent google searches in my phone:

  • Is it easy to transition from guitar to banjo?
  • How can I put ginger in a smoothie?
  • What should I plant in April?
  • How old is Brandon Crawford?
  • Map of Yosemite

Pretty freaking sweet! Check it out on your own phone. Be amused.