I’m old! I had me birthday last week…it was an extended celebration of great magnitude. Lemme splain. No, there is too much to splain. Lemme sum up. (Name that movie!)

Jen, Me, Soph, Carol going to see Better Than Ezra

I had tickets to my favorite band of all time, Better than Ezra. Yes, they released their first EP when I was a fetus. But they are still touring and writing sometimes poignant, always catchy, often hilarious lyrics. I have seen them a million times in concert, and they rarely make it West Coast. So I obviously snatched those tickets up and assumed they had scheduled the show specifically for my birthday festivities. Needless to say, I was tweeting the bananas out of them, imploring for a birthday shout out.

My sisters, aunt and I went to the show together. We’ve all gone together before, so it was cool. We got all fancy, went to Mexican food, I had a birthday shot of tequila (took it in thirds…my inner Gaucho cries tears of shame) and then went to the show. It was SO fun. As we were leaving, the guys from the band were heading to their cars, and we went over to gawk. They asked if anyone else wanted a picture, and I said “Yes! It’s my birthday!” and the lead singer said “oh, are you Rachel Danger?!”

so. happy.

Then I think I blacked out a little. 

BTE round two!

There was lots of giggling, and I can’t really remember what I said, but I’m pretty sure I now know what heaven might feel like. Jenna and I actually went the next night to see them play again, and I got a nod from them onstage. I also was almost tossed from the building for dancing too hard, but whatever. Details.

Then I taught all week….the kids behaved pretty well because it was almost my birthday. They made me cards, brought me goldfish crackers, and sang me Justin Bieber. (That new “boyfriend” song?! CLASSIC!)

dance party!

Then my besties came! Traci from Chicago, Ryann from New York. We did San Francisco hard. I took them to Giants game, Capitola beach, we had Zachary’s pizza, saw the Golden Gate Bridge, ate at a German beer hall, danced our assess off in one of the sweatiest clubs I’ve ever been to. We had the kind of weekend where I woke up one morning with a soreness in my leg and several bruises I couldn’t explain. The heel from my boot was completely missing.

me and mulesies!

On my actual birthday, the golden day (28 on the 28th!) I rolled ten deep to the Giants game. They had lost the night before, so I was hopeful. We had some fun tailgating, and then went to the game. My best friend from high school, Leslie, aka Mula (we make weird together) came with us and FELL ASLEEP on my grandma’s shoulder during the game! haha it was awesome. But the best part was definitely the love message from my love, Brian Wilson, on the screen:

Oh yeah. that just happened.

Really. She got me this. It’s a popsicle for your wine.

So yes, I am having the year of TwentyGreat. After all the anxiety, the tears, the internal struggle about getting older and still struggling to find my meaning in this world, I was really blown away by such a great weekend. My family and friends mean everything to me, and to be able to spend so much time with them, and to feel so special, was the best gift of all.

Well, that and the Corkcicle from my aunt. Insert all jokes here.

Viva las Late Twenties.

best friends are the best.