this is how i feel. Correction: felt.

God is mysterious. But very wise. After Monday’s post, lamenting all things life and my birthday, I wrote another post (hours and hours of typing) detailing all the weird things about me that might be so weird that no guys ever want to date me. I edited, added photos, appropriate links (hours and HOURS) and JUST when I went to post it, it vanished. Literally. Into the internet abyss. A sign? I totes think so.

So. I end the wallowing. I reject the birthday blahs. I raise my glass to the following 28 birthday yays!

28. I am getting older, which means that by default, I am getting wiser. All these experiences have got to add up to some wiser decision-making.

27. I am in my third year of steady employment as a junior high teacher, which keeps me young by means of fart jokes, BO, and the raging hormones constantly battling all around me.

26. Spring. Nature’s way of saying life is good and should go on.

25. I have a lovely silver car that takes me anywhere I want to go, like the city for the weekend!

24. I can and do travel freely all around the world because I am young and single and awesome.

23. I have lots of free-ish time to sit around and drink wine and type reasons why I’m happy.

22. My fish Ke$ha, despite threatening death for several months, still lives.

21. Avocados were on sale.

20. I have discovered spinach and banana smoothies, and I’m never going back to any other kind of breakfast.

my kitten.

19. My boyfriend Brian Wilson has a year off from professional baseball, leaving us plenty of time to plan and execute the wedding of my dreams.

18. There are puppies.

17. We are hiring at least two new teachers next year, which means a possibility for new friends!

16. Several friends who deserve to be totally happy are getting married this summer.

15. Scarves.

14. Tiny little leaves appearing on a plant I thought had died last year.

13. I am officially one of the main leaders for our church’s mission trip this year with three other awesome young adults.

12. “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber. I love it and I don’t care.

11. I have discovered Pinterest and I’m never looking back.

me and Better Than Ezra!

10. I met my most favorite band in the world, Better than Ezra. They took a picture with me and said they recognized my name from my twitter. I think I blacked out for a second I was so happy.

9. Summer Olympics means volleyball on tv all the time!

8. New bikinis and a tan line from this weekend.

7. I just joined a gym!

6. Baseball season is back.

5. Flowers.

4. I found a new kind of lipgloss that I love the color and it tastes like nom nom.

3. Wine.

2. I’m on Spring Break from grad school until Monday! Such a birthday present!

1. My two best friends, Ry and Traci, are here this weekend from Chicago and New York. There aren’t enough words to say what this means to me. I can only feel happy. And blessed. And grateful. And loved.

There. That feels better! That feels so much better. Ah Home, let me come home, home is whenever I’m with you.