Some of these are embedded right onto the page, some you need to click to follow. I just didn’t want the page to take forever to load. I’ve also included a lot of my favorite Christian-specific vids, but I think even the antichrist could find them funny.

The Jimmy Kimmel sketch about stealing Halloween Candy. Probably the greatest thing ever.

Cats playing Patty Cake. I die.

Key and Peele – Substitute Teacher

I’m on a Boat – this is never not funny. If someone doesn’t get me a nautical-themed pashmina afghan soon I will LOSE IT.

Quadruplets laughing with Mom – Amazing video of feels.

Cat – SAIL – worth waiting through the commercial, I promise. 

I can’t stop – Manatee Style.

French Bulldog can’t roll over – Omg.

Ronnie’s Pet Baptism Emporium

Song of Solomon Pick-Up Lines

The Story of Job – stick figures and hilarious:

Cat, I’m a Kitty CAT!