“Insert Clever Title” is actually what I title all my blogs, and then wait for something fantastic to come to me as I write it. Alas….I don’t even know what I’m going to write about tonight, so that title might just be the most clever thing there is.

48 words in…still no clue what to say….but i miss writing. i’ve been writing syllabi and lesson plans and returning parents emails, but nothing creative. im liking this macbook thing my roommate has….i like how the keys are so thin and less clicky-clacky. okay. keep writing. my goal is to write five posts tonight. HA.

I shall paint a picture of my surroundings…i have the house to myself for the evening. fantastic. the windows are open, candles are lit, it smells like vanilla. temper trap plays in the background. i am on the couch, my feet on the coffee table on top of a book. i look at the book. “awkward family photos.” i read the book for ten minutes. i check my cell phone. i play “bejewled blitz.” I am wearing a neon green tank top that has a stain on it from refried beans from several years ago, but I don’t have the heart to throw out something so neon. I am wearing what was once a beautifully pink sports bra that got washed with dark clothes and now looks like mud. I am wearing running pants and running shoes and I did do some running. the baby ducks are all grown up so its not as fun to look at the pond, and the geese always look ready to attack. but there was a party at the puppy park. and bocce ball was buuuuumping. i am def getting into that sport when i retire.

I have just eaten (more and unrelated) refried beans and chips and am now drinking cheap chardonnay from a wine glass with ice cubes in it. I was trying to be a part of this twitter/blogging world thing called “Friday Night Wine Party” hosted electronically by one of my favorite (and slightly inappropriate) bloggers/tweeps, But by the time I settled in on a borrowed laptop (more on that later) with my white trash glass o’wine, I realized that she was an EST girl and I’m out here on PST. and it was already over.

but i am deciding to write a lot, because practice makes better.

i’m back at work this week. i forgot how exhausting that was. i was actually excited to get back…i missed my friends and the good influence they are on me. in the same way that a tough experience eventually fades and you only remember the good parts, i had casually forgotten how hard work was, and was only remembering the fun times. there is so much thinking involved in teaching! so many meetings and politics and policies and rules and schedules. yikes. i just want to get to the fun part when the kids come.

but of course, as a teacher, i can only complain about going back to work with other teachers, because my friends are like “yeah it must have been really hard having the last six weeks off and laying on beaches in maui and going for walks at 11am. rough.” but i remind them that in order to have those weeks off, i spend 40 weeks with 11-14 year olds, and i make about $15 an hour. So. Stick that in your back pocket.

Alright. 603 words of next to nothing. But it was something. off to ponder content. (read: pick a disney movie to watch in background, forage for chocolate, change into sweats) but by now, i think my brain is warmed up. herrrr we go!