"helping rake leaves"

I have warm fuzzy memories of Sundays when I was little. We would pile in the Dodge Caravan and head to church as a family. There was a play structure that all the cool kids hung out at in between services, and we’d run all around laughing and screaming and eating the inevitable goldfish that go hand-in-hand with Sunday School. Then lots of times we’d go to Cosco and eat all kinds of food samples and then have a cheap feast of greasy pizza and fro yo and Diet Pepsi refills! (My family memories always revolve around food.) I’m not sure what we did in the afternoon….I can picture some soccer games, playing in the yard with the dogs, raking leaves (sort of), and general hanging out.

...this still works for me.

Then at night, we always had a TV show that we watched as a family. For a long time, it was Lois and Clark: Adventures of Superman. I was obsessed with Dean Cain. All buff and grinning and fighting Lex Luther and his crimes. But I couldn’t believe how long it took Lois Lane to put two and two together and realize that it was just a pair of fake glasses that separated her two crushes. They were the SAME GUY. She wasn’t so bright.

After that show ended, we went through a huge Xfiles obsession. I still have a crush on Mulder and that monotone that just won’t quit. And there were some freaky stories, man! Give you nightmares. I have most of the seasons on DVD, and I’ve sucked my roommate into the dark world of sewer monsters and government conspiracies to cover up the existence of alien life….they make me really scared when I watch

david duchovny, why won't you love me?

them alone, so I tempt her with cookies and wine and make her scared with me. Yesterday I was making my bed and I found a knife I had forgotten I’d tucked into the sheets to sleep with after watching a particularly brutal kidnapping episode. !!!! Why do I do this to myself? I don’t know. But Mulder is so cute!

Anyway…my Sundays these days are even more mundane…but some traditions stay the same. This morning I was up at 630am to get ready for church…I help lead worship every other week and its so rad. But it makes me sleepy in the afternoons. So I’m at church til about noon30, then we always go get Kinders for lunch. Then I come home and nap. Then I wake up and try to find the motivation to do chores or school work. The lovely thing about being a grown up is that no one can make me do chores if I decide I would rather live in my filth!

I love the fresh possibilities of a Sunday…I get all filled up on Jesus and think of the good things I want to do this week…how I’m gonna change my life and love and love and love. And I go grocery shopping and come home with tons of vegetables I can never finish. And I clean things that will soon be messy again. But the hope wrapped up in this day every week is delicious. Goes well with Peppermint Mochas.

All my plans and inspiration are usually destroyed by Monday afternoon. But for now, I feel peaceful and hopeful…and sleepy.

Happy Sunday.