If you could uninvent something, what would it be? I have some ideas.

  • kay commercialCommercials – they make me want to buy things I don’t need, eat things I don’t need, and sometimes they make me cry (curse you, Hallmark). They also make my soaps hours and hours long. Just kidding, I don’t watch soaps. Unless “Bachelor” counts as a soap. (See here for a good list)
  • Standardized Testing – A pain in the behind to administer, in no way a real reflection of a student’s academic potential OR a teacher’s ability to teach, and used by politicians who have never set foot in a classroom to demoralize the profession of education.
  • lets just hang out and be on our phones for houuuurssss
    lets just hang out and be on our phones for houuuurssss

    Texting – I know that many of you are looking at that in disbelief because I text like bananas. B A N A N A S. But I think it is completely destroying how we communicate with each other. We expect instant feedback. We read tone that isn’t there. We fire off sexy/stupid/nasty words that we regret later, but the receiver can reread and show others forever. And, as evidenced by my students, it’s definitely destroying the spelling and grammar structures of the English language. I wish it had never happened. Then I wouldn’t miss it.