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76 – Lent, St. Paddy’s, Chocolate, Vball, bloobidyblah!

This started as a New Year's Resolution....more likeĀ a dare, to write a blog or a something every day. Let me tell you....76 written entries of my thoughts/thoughtlessness is a LOT of time, creative energy, etc. I'm a bit running out... Continue Reading →

68 – Dear Fox News – A word about the teacher-bashing, if I may.

As in every profession, there are people who are teaching who may not be the best at what they do. Some teachers may need more social skills, or organization skills, etc. And I admit that I didn't really understand what... Continue Reading →

66 – Monday Round Up

Favorite moment of the day - finding a trader joes chocolate on my desk from a student. she never said anything, i didn't notice her putting it there, and when i dismissed them to lunch and sank back in my... Continue Reading →

62 – Coaching Diaries: Pushing past the tough loss

The ball dropped for the final point, and it wasn't the major leagues of any sport, it wasn't the final game of the season, it's justĀ junior high girls volleyball, but oh it hurt to lose this one. And when one... Continue Reading →

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