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For a boy. A Series. Part One.

His name was Aaron. Something about the way that he debated with our Global Studies 101 professor made me all twitter pated. Later that week, biking out to Sandspit Beach, I pedaled past him and a friend. He was as... Continue Reading →


1. my favorite flowers are sweet peas. neither sweet nor peas. talk amongst yourselves. 2. my favorite food is cottage cheese. plain, right out of the carton, with a fork. 3. im scared of horses. i blame summer camp of... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Things I <3 about being Alone.

I have been psychologically tested by online surveys and surprise surprise.... I'm an extrovert!!!! From the Latin "extr-" meaning "out of" and "vert" meaning "to turn." So I like to "turn it all about." I am a human hokey-pokey. If you... Continue Reading →

blast from the past and bear dreams

i got a beautiful text message yesterday that read "made some gnarly fadeorade today and thought of you! miss you!" from someone i used to call my soulmate. we haven't seen each other in years. it made me nostalgic for... Continue Reading →

Ode to UCSB Class of 2006

We’re the class of 2006. We witnessed the invention of Facebook, use Myspace and AIM to stalk people, and think the internet is a totally credible source for research papers. We bike to school listening to ipods, text messaging and drinking... Continue Reading →


Today I went through Facebook and found the first ever blog i had posted on there, five years ago. Reading it now, I sound so lost and dumb. I wrote it right before I was graduating from college, and it... Continue Reading →

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