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about being single on valentines day.

Normally in the States, I'm so jacked up on conversation hearts that I can be pretty numb to the pain of being single on Valentines Day. And every day. All day. Because it is. It's okay to love being single to celebrate the heck out of it, and to also acknowledge that it can be really, really hard.

RinR: I Tour Guide Real Good

We live in a changing world - my first big trip through Europe I was scrambling for Euros whenever I spotted an internet cafe to quickly write error-laden emails home (due to whatever language keyboard quirks I was dealing with)... Continue Reading →

the most important things i said all year

disclaimer: I often pretend to not know what words mean, like "portion control" or "inside voice" so these might not sound important but they are important. Jan 8 - Scientific question: Has anyone, ever, in the history of time, finished an... Continue Reading →

RinR: hollydaze

In some ways, it doesn’t feel anything like Christmas. It’s certainly not cold. I'm sitting on an ice pack, drinking a sweating margarita, directly in front of a fan on a setting so high my eyelids feel like they're peeling off my skull. I haven’t seen or smelled a single Christmasy smell (I’d settle for a tiny pine tree swinging from a rear view mirror).

RinR: I is a Bananas. B A N A N A S.

We had Character Day on Friday at our school, as it was "I Love to Read" month. Each class has been reading a book and they dressed up as characters from things like Charlotte's Web and Matilda. I took the... Continue Reading →

Weekend Update with Rachel

Valentines Day I spent as any self-respecting single woman does - drinking wine and making out with a loaf of bread and cheese. I bought myself a balloon, but it broke, which seemed a little mean. And I texted my... Continue Reading →

Resolutions! Took me a hot minute, but…

…I figured by now you'd be over being over seeing others talk about "New Year, New YOU!" and other such nonsense, to which your response should always be - "guess what? Current me is already kicking plenty of @$#, so…enough with... Continue Reading →

15 Ways to Survive the Holidays When You’re Newly Single

John Mayer has this song called "St. Patrick's Day." The chorus goes like this: No way November will see our goodbye. When it comes to December, it's obvious why. No one wants to be alone at Christmas time. And come... Continue Reading →

Weekly Win(e)d Up

Favorite Moment: I just had a truly glorious, free, loud, relieving sneeze. It made me so happy. If I could do that every hour, on the hour…nay, if the whole world could feel such joy in a sneeze, we would... Continue Reading →

How To Do Christmas Real Bad This Year

1. Be too embarrassed to come home and see family. Well, embarrassed is part of it - I've gained weight, couldn't get a real job, have no friends, and broke up with the man I thought I was going to... Continue Reading →

Tip o’ the Hat to You, Nature

I have been to many places in this world that I felt were superior natural sites, but this weekend was really something. Like, jaw-dropping, "oh my gosh. pull over. pull over I need to just look at that forever," everything... Continue Reading →

Funemployment: My Top 10 Favs about our Road Trip

I just got back from a week traveling with my boyfriend and family to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to celebrate my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. It was fun, it was exhausting, it was beautiful. Ten Things I Loved: 10. Food. This... Continue Reading →

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