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same ish, different day

I made this resolution to get into the habit of blogging once a day, every day, for the  entire year of 2011. There is something that seems magical about that number...2-0=1+1 or something maybe. It doesn't mean anything in pager... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Junior Highers are Contagious…

I am back at school! My second week of my second year of teaching is almost over, I can reach out and touch Labor Day weekend. It's been really good so far. My stress level is way lower this year,... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Top Ten (and counting) signs Rachel should maybe not be a teacher…

1. I can't stop saying the word "sucks." And I'm pretty sure I said "hella" one time without realizing it. 2. Someone farted in the sixth grade class and I demanded to know who it was. (no one owned up)... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: What have I gotten myself into?!

Okay so the initial excitement about landing a teaching job, having a plan, the promise of paychecks and benefits is slowly dying. All the cuteness of the kids asking me to sign their yearbooks, clapping for me at the assembly... Continue Reading →

Nanny Diaries – Life is a dancefloor

I'm not sure how it happened, but tonight I found myself chaperoning a junior high dance party. And probably enjoying the dance more than I did when I was actually in junior high. Even though everyone there called me "hey... Continue Reading →

Georgia on my mind – day One review

Super Walmart visits: One. Thoughts? A fascinating, if not aesthetically pleasing view of a crosssection of Georgians. Super Walmart also sells e ver y thing. Vegetables, guns, beer, guacamole, tires, Johnny Cash tshirts, and flannel. You can rent movies, get... Continue Reading →

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