Super Walmart visits: One. Thoughts? A fascinating, if not aesthetically pleasing view of a crosssection of Georgians. Super Walmart also sells e ver y thing. Vegetables, guns, beer, guacamole, tires, Johnny Cash tshirts, and flannel. You can rent movies, get your hair cut, eat at subway, fill your prescriptions, rotate your tires, fill up your gas tank, and buy all the Hannah Montana clothes you would ever need. Its incredible.

Star Wars: movies watched: one, episode five. best lines: Laugh it up, fuzzball (han solo to chewbacca). Tihs is now the catchphrase between my three year old brother and myself. Fuzzball has become the ultimate insult, next to “YOURE a jungle gym!”
and Princess Leia : I love you. han solo in response: i know.
Light saber battles: at least one every hour. I have lost all my limbs, but am allowed to come back to life if i admit that jackson and andrew are my jedi masters.
Video Games I suck at: all of them. I can’t shoot a storm trooper to save my life. Meanwhile the seven year old can identify all the battle droids, enemy fire, clones and rebels. I am an utter failure.

Chick Fil A visits: one. mm mmmmmm artery clogging delicious! chicken mcnugget deeeelight.

Sports practices attended: one. Andrew wrestles, and we went to watch him pin the other second grade fools. I identify with the cute, stocky one named Simon, whose “sprint” looks just like his “jog” in warmups, and almost comes to tears during pushups. Its not easy being chubby, Simon, I know. The gym smelled like armpit, Axe, and ringworm. Drew’s pretty good though, and fun to watch. Its weird to think about playing sports as a little girl, and how different the coaching techniques are for boys and girls. The coach was spanking all the boys and calling them weenies and telling them to quit being so lazy. I only saw one boy (Simon) cry (a lot), but all us girls would have been running to mama.

I’m sleeping in the play room, and I wake up every morning to the three year old jumping on my stomach, and I then get prepped for battle. I am shown a parade of every Lego ship, explained all their missiles and weapons, who their enemies are, what planet they’re fighting on, their weaknesses, etc. I am then handed a light saber or gun and killed before I even get my mouthguard out and glasses on. I also drink at least one Mountain Dew before ten am, am known as an expert tickle monster, and now include pop tarts and goldfish crackers on the food pyramid. Its fun times.

Today we’re headed to Savannah, and I’ve been reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil to prep. Its fascinating and historical and I can’t wait to see all the squares and houses and gardens and cemeteries ( i LOVE cemeteries!) and the Atlantic Ocean! I never been in it.

I’m already starting to yall this and yall that, forgetting my grammar and I pick up on accents real quick and the Walmart visit and wrestling practice did me in! I say “teeyiin” instead of ten and ask my brothers to “give me sum suga!” its fun to imitate though. good times.

yall take care now.