So my three year old brother Jackson is undeniably cute. He knows it, too. Fun things happen when Jack is around, although he turns a bit bipolar if you take away his light saber. Anyway he comes up to me last night and the convo goes like this:

Jack: Wachel will you button my paaants?
Rachel: You can’t button your pants yet? Come here cuteness I will button them. Suck in your beeellyyyy!!!
Jack: (whooshing sucking in belly sound)
Rachel: Jack how come your pants are all wet?
Jack: Because I PEED on them!!!
Rachel: JACK! How did that happen?
Jack: I dont know. It just kept squirting out!
Rachel: Tell Dad what you just made me do
Jack: i made her touch my pee-hind!!!

yeah. it was pretty funny. Five minutes later, Jack introduced me to his stuffed animals, a raggedy puppy named Fompy or something similar, and the McDonald’s happy meal puppy we just got on the ride home from Tybee Island. He describes how the small dog was in Fompy’s belly, and then his belly sliced open and out came the puppy.

Rachel: So thats how babies are made?
Jack: Yes
Rachel: Do you like babies?
Jack: yes (later, Jack will insist that he is allergic to babies, and fake sneeze)
Rachel: Can I pet the puppies?
Jack: Yes. They like it when you pet them soooftly. They don’t like it when you pet them hardly.