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50/365.25 – Nestled in the warm, silly bosom of family

"oh, a BOX!!! Just what I've always wanted!" "If you don't like it, or if it doesn't fit, you can take it back. I don't mind." "Is that it? Are there NO more PRESENTS for MEEEE???" During any Christmas, birthday,... Continue Reading →

The Sweet, Sweet South

I asked only one thing of my trip to Georgia - to come back with a pair of overalls from Walmart. And Walmart has failed me. Dagnabbit. What I don't understand is if Walmart isn't selling them, where are all... Continue Reading →

Georgia on my mind – Conversations with Jack

So my three year old brother Jackson is undeniably cute. He knows it, too. Fun things happen when Jack is around, although he turns a bit bipolar if you take away his light saber. Anyway he comes up to me... Continue Reading →

Georgia on my mind – day One review

Super Walmart visits: One. Thoughts? A fascinating, if not aesthetically pleasing view of a crosssection of Georgians. Super Walmart also sells e ver y thing. Vegetables, guns, beer, guacamole, tires, Johnny Cash tshirts, and flannel. You can rent movies, get... Continue Reading →

I was born a ramblin’ (wo)man…

Rounding out five months of travel with a nice week long sojourn to the deeeeep South tomorrow....thats right, I'm going to Georgia to visit my pappy! I guess he's not really "pappy." I think thats for grandpas. And he's only... Continue Reading →

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