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Getting Over the Fear of Flying

A few months ago, my sister and I had a plane incident. This involved an engine exploding outside our window and making an emergency landing, and me thinking I was going to die for about twenty minutes. To force myself... Continue Reading →

You are brave. You can fly. You are going to Ireland.

This has been my mantra the last 24 hours or so, as I try to give myself a pep talk about my impending trip to Europe. It's the trip I've wanted for so long - Ireland and Spain! I have... Continue Reading →


1. my favorite flowers are sweet peas. neither sweet nor peas. talk amongst yourselves. 2. my favorite food is cottage cheese. plain, right out of the carton, with a fork. 3. im scared of horses. i blame summer camp of... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: SCUBA Certified…can put it on my resume…

...because that test was SO HARD! I passed my Open Water Scuba Certification trip with a 92%, thats an A! I love A's! Hopefully questions I got wrong weren't any that would land me in a life-threatening situation. Keeping fingers... Continue Reading →

Fear of Phobias

Is it spiders? The Dark? Monsters under the bed? Things that go bumps in the night? I have lots of friends that are scared of being sick. Do you ever have a weird cramp, or an eye twitch that won't... Continue Reading →

Day 2 – What it feels like for a girl who played with fire

Last night I made the huge mistake of starting to read "The Girl Who Played with Fire" at about midnight. I started, and I couldn't stop. Because it was too scary to stop reading and go back to my room... Continue Reading →

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