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66 – Monday Round Up

Favorite moment of the day - finding a trader joes chocolate on my desk from a student. she never said anything, i didn't notice her putting it there, and when i dismissed them to lunch and sank back in my... Continue Reading →

37 – No one is going to read this. Its Superbowl Sunday!

If you're an American, you are watching television today. Either the Superbowl, or the Puppy bowl, you're on the tube. You have chips and salsa, beer, an office pool going, the location of the remote control is of utmost importance,... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Peru, Peru, I <3 You

Confession: I heart airplane food. Why is it so weirdly good? Another question: Why are all airplane movies so horrible? Usually with B listers like Brendan Frasier or Jennifer Love Hewitt and are about time travel or star an animal.... Continue Reading →

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