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new years


Ah, New Year’s Eve; we meet again. The most anti-climatic of holidays. I have spent you in some pretty awesome ways - drinking on the streets in Hong Kong, singing in a piano bar on a ship in Antarctica, jumping... Continue Reading →

the most important things i said all year

disclaimer: I often pretend to not know what words mean, like "portion control" or "inside voice" so these might not sound important but they are important. Jan 8 - Scientific question: Has anyone, ever, in the history of time, finished an... Continue Reading →

19 – Resolutions to resolutely resolve. Or something.

They say it takes 21 days of doing something every single day to make it a habit. That's science. I don't know what the statistic is on how short a time you need to break that habit, but I think... Continue Reading →

Does my butt look like Kim Kardashian’s yet?

People in marketing and advertising and product placement are geniuses. EVIL geniuses. You know how at places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond there are those bins right by the checkout with all that cool, funky, As Seen on TV type... Continue Reading →

Day One

For New Years...well...I've turned into a bit of a grinch. This is a holiday that seems to always get so blown out of proportion...and always seems to let down in a way. One of those nights when the "getting ready"... Continue Reading →

Raquel ama Nicaragua!

I never thought I´d be ringing in 2009 locked inside a religious compound in urban Nicaragua, streets exploding with home made firecrackers and singing praise songs into the night with a bunch of people I´ve grown up with at church,... Continue Reading →

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