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wednesday winEd up.

Its week two of bartednong school< and week five of crossgit class, so i guwss my body is mad> My right arm, which I only use for....everytthing has decided to dislcate itself> luckily, a hunky sports doctor at cross fit... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man

How important are the clothes we wear? Whether we admit it or not, I think we're all aware on some level that the way we dress ourselves says something about our personality, and definitely leaves an impression upon the people... Continue Reading →

Guide for Guys – How Girls Work When You Don’t Call

Recently, I met a guy who...I thought was great. We were introduced by a mutual friend. He was handsome and a Giants fan and made me laugh. We really hit it off, hung out a few times. We had a... Continue Reading →

Signs of Spring and Summer

You know summer is coming when you see something skitter around your ceiling out of the corner of your eye, and you don't really want to look because it might be something scary, and you know you're going to have... Continue Reading →

23 – 27 million.27 million.27 million.

When she was ten years old, her father trained her to be a prostitute. He trained her on himself. One day she was put in a moving van with two other girls, and driven across country to San Diego, where... Continue Reading →

Soup for you! …maybe…

Wandering through the florescent bright aisles of Safeway, wondering which can of tomatoes to get (stewed? diced? seasoned? unseasoned? mexican seasoned? italian seasoned? petite? what the what?!) and trying to decide between turkey and ground beef, 1 percent milk or... Continue Reading →

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