This week I’m going to Science Camp as a counselor with some of my students. I will have seven girls in my cabin, and I’m pretty excited to see how they act outside of school…and I’m sure they’re a little freaked out about what I might be like outside of school. I’m a little weirded out by the fact that they will see me doing things like….brushing my teeth, being in pajamas….wearing jeans even! At any rate, it will be a great experience, I know we will all grow closer and learn a lot about ourselves and each other.

10. I’m excited to get to know my girls more outside of school…there is only so much you can say and do in a classroom setting to get to know your students. There are good and bad things that go along with that.

9. Santa Cruz!! I love the mountain weather, the cold, cold temperatures at night, the sun during the day!

8. I love staying in cabins, being with a ton of girls getting ready and going to sleep, how everyone says “good night” and then someone starts giggling about nothing, everyone starts whispering, you start laughing, and then everyone is awake and talking for another twenty minutes.

7. hiking. I kinda like it, I really want to love it, and this week will be good for that.

6. My new backpack! It is SOOOOO cute! I can’t wait to break her in. I had to throw out the last one because it smelled like armpit so bad. Yikes.

5. I love change, I love spontaneity, but I also really like routines. I like schedules. I like knowing the time I’m supposed to wake up, when I’m going to the next activity, doing the math to know how long I have to take a tiny cat nap, calculating how long my shower needs to be, etc. I like limits on play time and lunch time and break time.

4. Campfires. The smell of the campfires, watching the flames, how it somehow seems easier to talk about anything around a campfire. How you snuggle up against your friends and sing songs.

3. Stars. There are so many when you go to camp. I could lay on my back and count them all night, watch them flare and fly across the sky, wish on every one.

2. I don’t have to teach for the week! I get to sit in the classes, listen to someone else lecture, and just absorb some knowledge. I’m okay with telling kids to be quiet and pay attention, I’m just so excited to learn some stuff about nature and God and stuff he made.

1. Camp Romance!!! There is going to be another school at the camp the same time as us, and I am crossing my fingers that there is a cute, single, male Christian teacher there just WAITING to meet me!! I’m also thinking that some of my own students will try to sneak off during campfire to hold hands, which is about as scandalous as Christian private school kids get, which I LOVE.