Symptoms include:

  • Answering “yes” questions with “si” and occasionally speaking in Spanish without noticing
  • margarita/guac/chips smell cravings
  • considers suntan lotion an acceptable perfume and deodorant
  • inability to care about things due to totally relaxed state of mind
  • late to bed, late to rise
  • sound of ocean waves in ears
  • lost understanding of sense of time…not sure what day it might be
  • absence of shoes, wearing bikini instead of normal underthings
  • fear of missing a party or happy hour somewhere
  • dread of returning to work

Aerial view of marina, cruise ship docks and d...

Life has seemed pretty charming for the last nine days or so. Our adventure down to Puerto Vallarta was all things right. We laid out all day every day, we went dancing and eating and drinking at night, we met really friendly Mexicans. We drank margaritas on our balcony and watched the sun set over the ocean and I think I might not need more in life than that.

Going back to work is muy malo. The sun is shining so bright in my backyard and I just want to hang out with my sweet peas and plant some tomatoes and lay in the hammock…even though I can barely reach my bed because the path is block by suitcases exploding with flip flops and sundresses and floppy hats, and there is laundry and bank accounts to check and work email to check…which I just did and got an email saying my work computer had a meltdown while I was gone and they had to replace it… so all my work from the last two years is lost. But I think I’m so blitzed out from traveling and relaxing and having fun (came home from Mexico and immediately went on a Napa wine-tasting bachelorette adventure for the last two days. Life is hard :) ) that all I can really do when reading that email is shrug and think “maybe its time to look for another job.”

In fun news, I can eat chocolate again. ! yay. I came home and immediately ate a whole box of whoppers. And I am officially 27. That was a rough one to scroll down to as my age on the ellyptical at the hotel. Yes, I worked out on my birthday. Part of the vacation for me was being able to go to a gym! Machines! Oh, and Osvaldo, the seriously handsome man behind the counter, had maybe a tiny bit to do with it. And imagine how fun it was when he showed up to do my massage on the beach later that afternoon! That was my birthday present from Jesus. Divine intervention. We also had a daybed on the beach for my bday and a really fun dinner out for our last night in PV.

My skin is brown, my mind is mellow, I have another stamp in my passport, I’m a year older. Viva Mexico.