• instagram (follow me at racheldangerw for a barrage of sunset photos, the cover of whatever book I’m reading, quotes, pics of the dog, etc.)

    my art work
  • the auto tune youtube of Courtney’s best/worst from the Bachelor. If you haven’t seen it yet…omgoodness it’s fabulous. Check it out here and please start joining us in Bachelor Bingo every Monday night!
  • figuring out how to block people from my newsfeed who post too many annoying Right-wing status updates.
  • the flowers I bought myself because yet another friend got engaged. #singlepersonrules
  • coming home and unexpectedly having the house to myself for the entire night TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!!!!

    my new series of pics...wine/book/bath
  • The Catcher in the Rye” – reading for the first time
  • a nice mellow Spirit Week this year with some really cool dress up days! I loved “Under the Sea” day. See photo below.
  • my faded and extremely comfy star wars sweatshirt that is currently keeping me toasty warm. i’ve almost chewed off one of the strings.
  • nutella to go.
    scrapbook page my team made me at our party :)


  • coaching volleyball. it makes me SO happy. I love my girls – we have a lot of fun but they all work really hard and want to learn a lot. They think I walk on water. I get to hit balls and yell and scream and get really excited about everything. It’s great.
  • Rediscovering how GREAT Richard Marx songs are. And Wilson Phillips. Been having a flashback song drive every morning to work this week. Richard Marx is also hilarious on twitta.
  • Being very productive in my home and backyard, raking 96 gallons of leaves two Saturdays in a row! And little flowers I planted last year are popping back up. :) But if I find the squirrel that is burrowing in my potted plants I will go ballistic on his rodent ass. Leave my plants alone!
  • Being relatively unconcerned with the approaching Valentine’s Day. I’ve been rereading some of the things I’ve written about it over the years, and they just make me laugh in a “my, I’ve grown” or a “wow, I haven’t changed a bit” sort of way. Everyone should keep a blog or a journal. It is an incredible way to document your relative unimportance.

And that’s it! Everything else is crap.