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valentines day

Tried a Little Tinderness . . .

"YAAAAAY MY FAVORITE DAY EVER - February 14th!!! I wish this day was 36 hours long!!!!" said no single girl in the history of American Valentine's Day. Which I looked up. This day was started a while ago. It sucked... Continue Reading →

RinR: Annual Valentine’s Day Post

Nothing like a public diary (blog) to help you see the ways you've (hopefully, but not always) grown and matured, and to observe the running themes in your life. On big days, or days that seem big, I like to... Continue Reading →

about being single on valentines day.

Normally in the States, I'm so jacked up on conversation hearts that I can be pretty numb to the pain of being single on Valentines Day. And every day. All day. Because it is. It's okay to love being single to celebrate the heck out of it, and to also acknowledge that it can be really, really hard.

Valentine’s Day when You’re Single, and Other Times Calories Don’t Count.

Valentine's Day when you're not single, but your significant other is not there Christmas Your birthday When you're sad At the movies Your birthday eve Girls night out Girls night in Before the age of 25 Funerals and funeral after... Continue Reading →

Cupid’s Arrow

The Daily Post Challenge for Valentine's Day was a good one - Write an ode to someone or something that you love. I love a good ode. I know I'm a few days late on this one, but I've been... Continue Reading →

Guide for Guys: How to Get a Girl in 10 Days

Most men will complain that women are complex, complicated creatures. And I agree that we are like a many layered onion...layer built upon layer, each more delicious and intense than the last...but honestly, when it comes down to it, I... Continue Reading →

259: All that junk, all that junk inside yo trunk

I cleaned out my car for the first time since...well...I think probably 2008. It was like unearthing a time capsule of my life I had never intended to make. I found: One flip flop. Just one. Baseball glove. Volleyballs for... Continue Reading →

254: Things I like lately

instagram (follow me at racheldangerw for a barrage of sunset photos, the cover of whatever book I'm reading, quotes, pics of the dog, etc.) the auto tune youtube of Courtney's best/worst from the Bachelor. If you haven't seen it yet...omgoodness it's... Continue Reading →

A Single Lady’s Response to Valentine’s Day

Much like it's evil twin, New Year's Eve, this "holiday" (which I'm convinced is a conspiracy of greeting card companies and chocolatiers) can make a single gal feel decidedly single. I've just survived the holidays with the relatives and their... Continue Reading →

45 – Vday.

Aside from a coworker cornering me in the copy room and asking, "so, being single, how are you handling Valentine's Day?" I had a most rocking day. As a junior high teacher, watching young romances think they are blooming is... Continue Reading →

Countdown to VDay2 – I’ll be dancing with myse-elf oh oh ohoh!

Today's Agenda and Menu: Walk along the beach (settling for the pond at the park) at sunset, ipod playing love songs. (Check!) Bubble bath with wine. (Next on list) Learn three new love songs on guitar (Want To, Sugarland; Marry... Continue Reading →

Countdown to V-day.

Normally around this time of year, I settle down with a nice glass of wine, a fragile ego, and a large dose of sarcasm to write something somewhat bitter about being single for Valentines Day. Insert comments about the commercialism,... Continue Reading →

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