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The Land of the Rising Sun – Days 1 and 2

‘This is brilliant. This is . . . this is either the best idea or the worst idea i have ever had. Either way . . . heaps of fun at the moment. And probably a really good story later.’... Continue Reading →

254: Things I like lately

instagram (follow me at racheldangerw for a barrage of sunset photos, the cover of whatever book I'm reading, quotes, pics of the dog, etc.) the auto tune youtube of Courtney's best/worst from the Bachelor. If you haven't seen it yet...omgoodness it's... Continue Reading →

135 – Tomatoes, zombies, cheezits, cars. Average day, really.

I have so much to do. So much, that I had to write it down and make a list. Sometimes, when I make these lists, i put down things that are almost already done, so I can finish them and... Continue Reading →

Signs of Spring and Summer

You know summer is coming when you see something skitter around your ceiling out of the corner of your eye, and you don't really want to look because it might be something scary, and you know you're going to have... Continue Reading →

UnEmployed Diaries: Even the jobless get a case of the Mondays…..and Tuesdays…and Wednesdays…and dangit.

The start of a new week is both the best day and the worst day of the week for the unemployed. A. All you suckers have to get up early and to go to work today! nine to fiiiive hahaha!... Continue Reading →

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