I am sitting in a towel on my couch looking up lyrics to a song I’m singing in a wedding in Colorado on Saturday morning and packing for my trip. That’s not entirely true. I’m mostly on Facebook and Pinterest. I’ve been out of the bath for an hour and a half. I’m still in a towel. My hair is still wet and uncombed. I think I got on my computer to check my flight status or something about if I have to check my guitar or if I can carry it on? But that was an hour and a half and a glass and a half of wine ago.

I also vaguely remember coming on the computer to look up a packing list to help guide me in packing.

I am a hopeless packer, as has been documented previously on this blog. I open the closet, decide to look up the weather of my destination, get distracted by the sunny picture, think about the shoes I’m going to wear and if they will cause blisters, look for bandaids, realize I have no bandaids, get in the car and go to Target for bandaids.

I come home with a shopping cart full of I don’t know what, but mostly childhood movies that were on sale, Qtips, boxed wine, uncomfortable shoes and another Giants tshirt.

No bandaids. Have forgotten I ever wanted bandaids. What’s a bandaid?

Sometimes the things we have to do seem so overwhelming that it is easier to do nothing at all. At a certain point in the evening, I decided:

I can’t possibly contribute anymore to my credential work this evening, I shouldn’t start packing until tomorrow after I’ve done all five loads of laundry, and that I simply must make sure the hammock still works, that the stars are still in the sky, and the ice cream hasn’t frosted over.

I am a girl of simple pleasures.

Wait – what was I blogging about?

I think I have AADHD. Adult ADHD. I think the internet caused it. There are so many fun things on here. I’m fascinated and repulsed all at the same time. Facebook. Pinterest. Craigslist. Guitar tabs. Target.com. Magazines. MSNBC. Youtube. My five email accounts. Wellsfargo. Unlimited pictures of puppies! Recipes I’ll never try! Workouts I’ll never do! Causes I’ll never contribute to!

I’m going to start a jar. In the jar I will put a dollar every time I use the following phrases in conversation:

  • I saw this one thing on Pinterest…
  • Did you see on Facebook…
  • have you seen that commercial…
  • omg I got this text….
  • Have you seen that youtube about…

Once I have 100 dollars, which should be in like….a week, I will rent a cabin in the woods and give my brain a break. You’re all invited.
k swear im gonna pack now. at least drag the suitcase out.