Like all Gauchos, I’ve been hurting for IV, UCSB, the SB community. It’s impossible to understand why something like this happens anywhere, even more so on the doorsteps of my former sorority, the streets we all walked on. But it gives me hope to see that community come together to support each other in this tragedy, to remember the names of those that were taken from this world far too soon, to call for changes in the systems that make things like this too easy to happen.

It was an amazing place when I lived there, and I believe it still is – an incredibly unique place made by people stronger than these circumstances. I wrote this when I graduated as a tribute to my experience there, and despite some dated references, I think the spirit of that place still rings true. #gauchostrong #notonemore

Sunglasses Always Fit

Me and the Pirate, Earth Day 2006. Me and the Pirate, chillavista 2006.

We’re the class of 2006. We witnessed the invention of Facebook, use Myspace and AIM to stalk people, and think the internet is a totally credible source for research papers. We bike to school listening to ipods, text messaging and drinking a Starbucks at the same time. (But if it’s too windy, we’ll stay home.) We all have the same five UCSB sweatshirts and wear them in rotation without washing until we go home in two months to do laundry. We pay 600 dollars a month to share a closet-sized room with two other people, but you can hear the ocean at night and it has a balcony. We go to happy hours at the corner store for bin candy, then Sam’s and Gio’s for pitchers and people watching.

We know that the fourth floor of Davidson has one of the best views on campus…

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