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TeacherDiaries: File Under “To Remember on a Rainy Day”

Wednesdays are hard, man. Even spelling the word is hard. (Am I the only person who still has to go "Wed-nes-day" in her head when writing that one out? Along with "def-in-ite-ly be-a-u-ti-ful." Every time. And I'm 30. And teach... Continue Reading →

RinR: Students. A church. Sour cream.

Brazil feels more and more like home. It's been three months since I moved here, and I have adjusted, bro. The Brazilian people are lovely, the food is lovely, the culture is lovely. My Portuguese improves every day, mostly because... Continue Reading →

Home for a wee bit of bureaucrazy.

Here is what I have accomplished: Went to the last Giants regular season home game, stood idly by as my cousin almost caught a Buster Posey ball, had my first chicken nuggets in two months, which is a record abstention,... Continue Reading →

RacheltoRio: “I said beautiful things!”

The thing about teaching is that every week holds its own mysteries and moments of joy. The job changes every day, because you can't count on kids for anything. They are unpredictable monsters that you want to squeeze in either... Continue Reading →

RacheltoRio: An Update, a Lock In, a Schedule.

Today I celebrate one month in Rio! And I am happy and I am at peace. It's not all rainbows and caipirihnas and capybaras, but I'm content for the first time in a year. I haven't cried in a month, which is a record... Continue Reading →

Rachel to Rio: It’s Getting Real

I've officially purchased my ticket to Brazil. I have an actual date (a week after they wanted me there, but did you know that getting a work visa requires the blood of a virgin and dragon fire and all kinds... Continue Reading →

In Response to: “An Open Letter to Bad Tippers”

I saw this article on HuffPo…and while I appreciate sarcasm and wanting to be a noble defense of what is indeed a thankless job in the service industry, I found myself a wee bit put off by the self-righteous and... Continue Reading →

Bucket List : Going to a Movie by Myself (Not so bad, turns out)

In my opinion, bucket lists should be composed of equal parts fears you want to overcome, places and things you want to do, and things you have to work hard towards. According to a thirty second google search, people have... Continue Reading →

December First. Stuff and Things.

Does your mouth ever taste like something, and it drives you crazy? Right now mine tastes like popcorn, which I haven't had in forever. Am I supposed to go the movies? Is this a sign? Or do I just need... Continue Reading →

Questions You Ask Before an Interview

My google history always reveals the embarrassing and the embarrassing. In the days leading up to my first job interview in five years, the queries were getting a wee bit ridiculous. Hair up or down for an interview? Whats the... Continue Reading →

I have an Interview! So I wrote a Poem.

Yay! Finally got an email for an interview. It's some marketing company, with a bit of a vague website, but there are pictures of beautiful people who look happy and successful on it, so I am excited. It's for a... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Win(e)d Up

Fav songs - "kindness" by David Wilcox. GUYS - if you need to romance a lady, this song will make her melt into estrogen and feels. Also loving "team" and everything else by Lorde, AND "Mine Would Be You" by... Continue Reading →

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