I can’t be the only one who is excited about tonight’s promising Bachelor episode! The preview they showed at the end of last week’s episode (and really, all things last week) left my jaw on the floor. Oh please, oh PLEASE let Ben confront Courtney and allow us to see the smack down! Of course, those clever producers and editing machines at ABC are probably spinning the story to make us think that her evil, manipulative ways will finally be exposed and Ben will give her the adios she deserves, but I bet anything that she cries and whines and reminds Ben that she likes to go bikini-less (if you haven’t yet watched that video WHAT ARE YOU DOING CLICK ON THE LINK AND WATCH IT!!) and he keeps her.

I’m betting Nicki and Rachel are the ones saying their final goodbyes tonight.

Rachel Rose Trueheart. Not kidding.

Rachel I like; she’s got great bangs, good style, not too girly but funny and laid back. But she’s clearly got intimacy issues and hasn’t been able to really open up to Ben. It’s all about being vulnerable on this show. Although last week, Kacie B shared her battle with eating disorders to Ben and he just sat there stone-faced and kept on eating dinner. Note: when a girl tells you she has had an eating disorder, much hand-holding, hugging, and “you are so beautiful, thank you for sharing, is there anything I can do to help” is required. Especially when she does so on national television.

Nicki…she’s the divorcee who is unnaturally nice and bugs me in a way that is hard to define. I have a lot of push-back for girls who say things like “I want the fairy tale romance and my perfect marriage and I still believe in true love blah blah.” Life isn’t a fairy tale. And I think you have to work hard to make something good great.

Anyway. Tonight’s Bachelor Bingo terms, up early for all you EST people who spoil things for me on twitter every Monday night!!! We are in Belize tonight (one of my fav places in the world!!) and next week is hometown dates, which is KEY! Two girls should be leaving us tonight….

Here are your terms! Follow me @racheldangerw for live tweeting!

Last week's Bingo Card!
  • Free Space in the middle = “LOVE”
  • “home town”   <— in reference to the dates they’ll do next week
  • Using the word “Belize” in a cheesy way, ie “you better Belize it”
  • “amazing”
  • “I missed you
  • helicopter
  • jewelry and a bikini
  • “not okay”
  • mentioning parents
  • crying
  • winning
  • sunset
  • mentioning past relationships
  • “I didn’t think it would be this hard”
  • “absolutely”
  • “steal you for a second”
  • “connection”
  • Ben voiceover monologue
  • my future wife…” is in the room/is here tonight, etc.
  • “Ben looks so good/so hot”
  • Ben does something manly, ie fishes, rides horse, chops coconut open, drives a boat
  • Courtney purses her lips at camera
  • Kacie mentions “sharing Ben” with the other girls and how hard it is, weep weep
  • references to “normal stuff” type dating after the show, ie grocery shopping, sweatpants, staying in and watching movies, etc.