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Sunglasses Always Fit

I have lots of memories of asking my dad what I’m sure were all kinds of annoying questions about the rules of football. He always answered very patiently. I’m guessing maybe not every girl had a dad or older brother in her life who could help her understand why Americans are so passionate about this skull-cracking sport, because my friends and I were able to compile a list of some of the ridiculous things that the less-informed and less athletic members of the female kind are known to interrupt a good game-watching with.

We apologize. They don’t mean to sound so silly. And remember, they’re asking questions because they love you and they’re interested and care about what you’re doing. If you’d like a website to send to her to answer her questions, here is a good one: click

And now, the list….”St*ff Girls Say During Football”

‎1. Who…

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