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TwentyGreat (279)

I'm old! I had me birthday last was an extended celebration of great magnitude. Lemme splain. No, there is too much to splain. Lemme sum up. (Name that movie!) I had tickets to my favorite band of all time,... Continue Reading →

271: 28 Days

Today is April Fool's Day. And in 28 days, on April 28th, I will be 28. No fooling. I never, ever, thought I would be this old. Ever. When you are growing up, you tend to think of the next... Continue Reading →

96 – Monday Round UP

Fav moment of the day - one of my eighth grade boys said he had a birthday present for me...I was to close my eyes and stick out my hands. This is not something you normally do around 13 year... Continue Reading →

I’ve got VWS. Vacation Withdrawal Syndrome.

Symptoms include: Answering "yes" questions with "si" and occasionally speaking in Spanish without noticing margarita/guac/chips smell cravings considers suntan lotion an acceptable perfume and deodorant inability to care about things due to totally relaxed state of mind late to bed,... Continue Reading →

52/365.25 – Twitter and Dives and Bdays

Today is my little sister J's 25th birthday. As someone so kindly reminded me on facebook via status update comment, yes, it is a little scary when your "little" sister turns 25. That means YOU are definitely over 25. Which...I'm... Continue Reading →

50/365.25 – Nestled in the warm, silly bosom of family

"oh, a BOX!!! Just what I've always wanted!" "If you don't like it, or if it doesn't fit, you can take it back. I don't mind." "Is that it? Are there NO more PRESENTS for MEEEE???" During any Christmas, birthday,... Continue Reading →

The Hall of Late Twenties. Birthdays…where has the fun gone?

Remember how fun it was to have a birthday when you were younger? Today is my BFF ry's 27th birthday (sorry to out you ry :) ) Out of our close group of friends, because her bday is in January,... Continue Reading →

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