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A Survival Guide for Appearing on Reality TV

Disclaimer: I am fully cognizant that there is nothing of value in watching shows like "The Bachelor," however...I thoroughly embrace this zero-calorie eye-candy entertainment. This season was a bit of a downer. As the tabloids and the downward spiral of the... Continue Reading →

263: Bachelor Ben: Girls Tell All Recap

The "Girls Tell All" episode is always one to look forward to in your guilty pleasure viewing of reality tv's greatest train wreck, "The Bachelor." This season has been interesting to follow in the online world, and in magazines, because... Continue Reading →

260: Bachelor Ben: Dude…you’re terrible.

We are in the "exotic date" portion of this season, headed to Switzerland - which just makes me want to watch "Sound of Music." One of my fav countries. We get a nice little recap of each lady...and I know... Continue Reading →

258: Bachelor Hometown Date Recap – BEN YOU IS CRAZY.

We're doing hometown dates, which is a nice change because the girls get to plan the dates, we meet the crazies behind their hot messes, and see them away from all the drama that is a part of a bunch... Continue Reading →

Bachelor Ben Episode Seven Recap – I just can’t Belize it.

We's in Belize, yo!! Love the Central American theme to this season's Bachelor. Lindzi aka "horse girl" on the date....I do like her, but she needs a new hair cut, less foundation, and to clear her throat. Jumping out of... Continue Reading →

237: Bachelor Ben – Episode Five Recap!

Let me open with....Courtney is half-witch. I'm convinced. Announcement - everyone gets a date with Ben! Squeal!! After a cringe-worthy mispronunciation of a Spanish date card, Nicki, the divorcee, is crowned with the first one-on-one. Courtney gives the ominous "you... Continue Reading →

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