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Top10: Everything looks good in mini! – Mini Animals

I desperately need to get some school work done. I confused my deadline when with grades are posted, so I have two weeks to do four weeks worth of work. Of course I'm googling pictures of mini-animals. Due to the... Continue Reading →

174 – iSad

Steve Jobs died today. Someone wrote a twitter stating that it was sweetly ironic that most people were learning of this news via a device that his genius helped to create. I myself learned through twitter, but I could have... Continue Reading →

How the Google machine finds my blog…

I've had this blog for 7 months, 26 days.....I've written 150 posts this year, with an average of 600 words per post. If my math is right, which it probably isn't, that's about 90,000 words. I wonder how many Giants... Continue Reading →

Facebook – The “Art” of a Profile Pic

Sometimes I think Facebook is a disease, but I generally find all things Facebook highly amusing. From it's early days as a way to share digitial evidence of the bad decisions we'd made the night before,  to the status update,... Continue Reading →

Top10 Things I Love about my iPhone

10. My SF Giants cover - one of my 8th grade students bought this for me off the internet with his own money. On my birthday, he told me to hold out my hands for a surprise. I don't generally... Continue Reading →

36 – so tired. I bearly made it. Yes. I meant to write bearly.

This will be my third blog composed from bed on my iPhone. God bless technology. I've been in and out of a cold medicine induced fog of consciousness all day...enough awake time to soak up some feel good from the... Continue Reading →

26 – Friends on facebook, or aren’t we? Part 3

there has been this phenomenon lately on Facebook..."click on this link to discover who has been looking at your profile!" "I've had 4,534058 hits on my profile today, 53% from boys, 65% from girls!" (I am not a mathematician, btw.)... Continue Reading →

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