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A Year in Statii (305)

I like lists. I like lists a lot. I like making them and checking things off on them. I like Top Anything lists, too. And something about the end of the year makes us look back on the last 360... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Ways the Technology is Sucking Out My Soul (and probably yours, too) (301)

10. GPS - I have a love/hate relationship with GPS. I remember fondly the days of getting the swim team roster and pulling out the Thomas Brothers mapbook, looking up the addresses of all the cute boys. I miss feeling my... Continue Reading →

Facebook and Politics – recipe for bad. (297)

My status update after the election results was this: “I think people who use Facebook to vent angry political views are cotton headed ninny muggings. I’m stoked Obama won. Now lets all get on with our lives and get back... Continue Reading →

Say “Boo” to Bullies. (Teacher Diaries) (294)

 I saw this Youtube clip posted on facebook. It gave me goosebumps and tears and I knew I needed to share. Not just because I can identify with being called "fat," and have had to get past the hurtful words... Continue Reading →

Desperately Seeking Title. (289)

This blog has been my little journal and soap box for the merits of being single for the past few years, but now I am in a new little season of life with a real live boyfriend. Yup. I caught... Continue Reading →

Adult ADHD. It’s contagi- hey look! The internet! (287)

I am sitting in a towel on my couch looking up lyrics to a song I'm singing in a wedding in Colorado on Saturday morning and packing for my trip. That's not entirely true. I'm mostly on Facebook and Pinterest.... Continue Reading →

278: Search Thyself – Part 2

There is a sweet tool on WordPress (my blog host) that allows you to see how people stumble (drunkenly, blindly, willingly?) upon your humble blog. The stats also shows you what country people are viewing you I can know... Continue Reading →

236: Bachelor Ben – Ep 3 Bingo Game!

Last week I introduced "Bachelor Bingo," with a list of words you can play on your own. I'm posting my pics of my board, and the updated list of words to use for this week. Make your own board, and post... Continue Reading →

Top 10: Reasons I Love the Xfiles

Yeah, its off the air, but it is wicked good. Because the Xfiles is all about... 10. Seriously Creepy TV - I like to be scared by television in the same way that I like to be scared by roller... Continue Reading →

Search thyself – the Google Machine (220)

Who invented the Google machine? Why "google" ? It has become a noun, a verb, a living breathing thing. It is our map, dictionary, phone book, film critic, encyclopedia, newspaper. I think it's making America fat. And obviously it's in... Continue Reading →

Top 10 – Mini Animals!!!

Alright, animals 10-6 have been crowned. If you missed that riveting piece of hard-hitting journalism, click here for the previous post of this future Nobel-Prize-Winning Blog. 5. Brookesia Minima Chameleon - Holy Chamelon, Batman! This thing is uber-cute! He can be... Continue Reading →

Top10: Everything looks good in mini! – Mini Animals

I desperately need to get some school work done. I confused my deadline when with grades are posted, so I have two weeks to do four weeks worth of work. Of course I'm googling pictures of mini-animals. Due to the... Continue Reading →

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